ADA Access Policy for the National Lutheran Choir

ADA Access Plan

The National Lutheran Choir ADA Policy Statement

It is the policy of The National Lutheran Choir to welcome artists, volunteers, staff, Board, and audience members of all abilities to take part in its programs and activities.  The following ADA Access Plan was approved by the National Lutheran Choir Board of Directors on November 19, 2018.

This plan will be reviewed in accordance with the organization’s policy review calendar, and amended and updated as needed. A copy of The National Lutheran Choir’s ADA Access Plan will be distributed to all performers in the Singer Handbook and to employees in the Employee Handbook.  Updates to the ADA Access Plan will be announced to the membership.

Policies and Management

1.     The National Lutheran Choir will reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. Special arrangements will be made on an as-needed basis to ensure that this policy goal is met.

2.     The National Lutheran Choir will not discriminate on the basis of disability against individuals who desire to become members of its performing ensemble, Board of Directors, staff, volunteer force, or any subcommittees of these groups.

3.     The National Lutheran Choir will post its ADA Plan on its website and will periodically provide information regarding accessibility accommodations in concert programs and email newsletters.

4.     The National Lutheran Choir will advocate for inclusive accessibility policies and measures at all performance and rehearsal venues with which it does business. 

5.     All accessibility concerns should be directed to the organization’s Executive Director and/or Operations Manager at or 612-722-2301.

Programs, Activities and Facilities

1.     For Twin Cities concerts, rehearsals, and meetings, The National Lutheran Choir will use spaces that are accessible and comfortable for people with physical disabilities.  Physical accessibility shall include parking, entrance, seating, and restroom areas. 

2.     On tour, the National Lutheran Choir will make every attempt to hold performances in accessible spaces by screening prospective concert venues for their ability to comfortably and respectfully accommodate people of varying physical abilities.

3.     The National Lutheran Choir will educate its staff and concert volunteers on best practices for welcoming and providing hospitality and assistance to persons with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs, using walkers, or with other mobility concerns.

4.     Upon request with 10 days notice, the National Lutheran Choir will make its printed information (concert programs, scores, meeting minutes, etc.) available in alternate/large format.

5.     Upon request with 30 days notice, a sign language interpreter (ASL or ESL) shall be available to interpret self-sponsored performances. Interpreted performance dates will be at the discretion of NLC staff, and may require designated seating.

6.     Upon request, the National Lutheran Choir will work with venues to provide assisted listening devices for audience members on a first come first served basis.

7.     The National Lutheran Choir shall be cognizant of the need for some performers and volunteers to share rides or take public transportation to rehearsals and events, and shall strive to hold rehearsals and performances at times and in venues that are accessible by safe public transportation. For performances outside the Twin Cities metropolitan area, NLC will strive to provide accessible transportation for performers.

8.     The National Lutheran Choir shall provide stools for performers who are unable to stand for extended periods of time during performances.  Members of NLC who require additional reasonable accommodations to perform with NLC shall be accommodated.

9.     The National Lutheran Choir shall ensure that venues have a first-aid emergency kit available at self-sponsored performances and rehearsals.