Released: September 2006

"This CD shows how far David Cherwien has taken this choir—it just keeps getting better and better.  The sound is big and warm, with clear intonation.  The choir sings with grace and finesse but can really punch when the music calls for it.  Music of Lutheran heritage is here, as one would expect, along with spirituals and new works.  "Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling" will have the most jaded atheist looking for the nearest altar call.  "Water Night" by Eric Whitacre and a first recording of Ave Maria by Anna K. Jacobs (winner of the 2006 National Luther Choir Composition Contest) are noteworthy, but the entire CD is worth it.  Highly Recommended!" -Gothic Publications

Track Listing:

Lord of the Dance (Fleming); This Little Light of Mine (Hogan); Softly and Tenderly (Cherwien); Water Night (Whitacre); The Battle of Jericho (Hogan); The Souls of the Rigteous (Cherwien); In Pardisum (Faure); God So Loved the World (Stainer); I sat down under His shadow (Bairstow); Whispers (Stuckey); Also hat Got die Welt geliebt (Schutz); Ave Maria (Jacobs); Thy Truth Within (Sateren); Lamb of God (Christiansen); Go and Tell John (Fleming); Prayer from Day of Pentecost (Sateren); O Lord God (Tschesnokoff); My Heart is Longing (Cheriwne); His Compassions FAil Not (Sateren); God be in my head (David Evan Thomas)

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