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From Light to Light

October 2009

"And all the while serenading the audience with harmonies of transporting beauty." -Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Disc: 1
Track 1 Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee Johannes Brahms 2 Sicut Cervus Giovanni da Palestrina 3 i thank you God for most this Amazing Day Eric Whitacre 4 At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners Williametta Spencer 5 Lay Me Low (from Shaker Songs) arr. Kevin Siegfried 6 Oculus Non Vidit Rihards Dubra, ed. James Rodde 7 hope, faith, life, love Eric Whitacre 8 McKay (from An American Thanksgiving) arr. Carol Barnett 9 The Lord Bless You and Keep You Peter C. Lutkin 10 From Light to Light I - Earth J. Aaron McDermid 11 From Light to Light II - Fire J. Aaron McDermid 12 From Light to Light III - Water J. Aaron McDermid 13 From Light to Light IV - Wind J. Aaron McDermid 14 Hold On! arr. Marques Garrett 15 The Sun Has Gone Down arr. Leland B. Sateren 16 There is Sweet Music Robert Hobby 17 Deep River Gerre Hancock 18 Now All the Woods are Sleeping arr. David Cherwien 19 Concerto for Choir, Movement II Alfred Schnittke