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Devotion: Just Do It

Where does it begin – making a decision? Today's devotion comes from bass section member, Dave Michel. Dave shared this devotion prior to the choir's performance in Peoria, IL on February 19, 2016.

You know the feeling when you wake up and it’s cold outside, but it’s warm in bed and you’re really comfy? Maybe it’s a day when you don’t have any time pressures and there’s nothing demanding that you get up right away. When do you get up? How do you decide when to get up? Under the covers, not wanting to move (maybe for a long time), and then, suddenly, you’re up. What makes you come to that decision to get up at that particular time? For that matter, what really is a decision, anyway?

Devotion: Left Brain vs. Right Brain

This devotion comes from Sara Langworthy, a soprano in the National Lutheran Choir. Sara shared this devotion prior to the choir's first tour performance on February 18, 2016 in Mequon, WI. In this somewhat "scientific" devotion, Sara describes what it physically and mentally takes to sing and, in doing so, how meaningful connections are made across time and space. 

It’s come time for me to debunk a myth about the human brain…again. You didn’t know you were coming to a neuroanatomy lecture today, but, as we’re on a college campus, it seems appropriate.

I’m sorry to shatter your illusions, but the whole right brain vs left brain distinction? IT IS NOT A THING.

Devotion: Trust

Last week, the National Lutheran Choir traveled around the Midwest sharing a program of "Psalms and Spirituals." One of our bass sections members, Matt Olson, shared this devotion with the choir. How do you define trust? And how do you apply that definition to the people and communities of people in your life?

2015 was a year busy year in the business world for mergers and acquisitions! Many of you know the company I work for wasn't left out in this fury of activity. Our company of 40-ish people was acquired last March by a Fortune 150 multinational corporation of 65,000 people. The integration process over the last year has certainly been an educational experience!

Guest artist: Ryland Angel

The National Lutheran Choir is pleased to welcome a guest artist of international stature to join its program this weekend, Psalms and Spirituals.  Countertenor Ryland Angel will perform Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, singing the second movement, based on Psalm 23, which Bernstein scored for counter-tenor or boy soprano to evoke the “shepherd-psalmist” David.

Devotion: Keep Singing!

Jenny Kelley, a member of the National Lutheran Choir's alto section, shared this devotion with the choir prior to rehearsal on February 9, 2016. Today, as they embark on a Midwest Tour, may they be reminded how their music connects deeply and often takes the listener to another place, or perhaps a fond memory. As a wise teacher once said, "Keep singing!"

Devotion: Growth and Transformation

This week's devotion was given by NLC alto, Emily Skoblik. Although we don't have her full devotion (she likes to wing it), she did share the prayer with us. Thank you, Emily!

Prayer for Growth and Transformation

Father God, our words are too small to contain you, our thoughts too small to comprehend you. In the silence of our hearts we contemplate your beauty, acknowledge your power, admire your wisdom and rejoice in your love. You always have new gifts to impart us, new wonders to reveal to us, new joys to fill our hearts with. 

Devotion: Fear

This week's devotion was given by William Mills, a member of the tenor section in the National Lutheran Choir. First, let's define FEAR: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Sound familiar?

We are very complicated animals. We have evolved with emotions and desires that have helped us form successful communities all over the world. We have developed technology so far beyond the understanding and scope of a single individual that none of us can even begin to describe the gadgets that we currently have on our bodies. While we currently live in a time of war, violence and disease, it is the most peaceful time in recorded history.