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October 30, 2012: Brevity

David Cherwien provides notes to the choir on Thursday after our weekly Tuesday rehearsals. This week's rehearsal was split between recording and rehearsing the repertoire we'll be doing on Saturday (St Andrew's Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi, Nov 3 @ 7pm) and Sunday (St Bartholomew's Catholic Church in Wayzata, Nov 4 @ 4pm) for the All Saints programs.

The brevity of notes is noteworthy.


I did not send notes to you yesterday. This is partly by intention - I have intentionally done very little new work with the music on this program because that will create more focus on Saturday and Sunday - when we get too comfortable with repertoire, I've noticed the "relaxed" sense gets too relaxed. What was so good about the Saturday program on tour was the focus - laser tight, watching closely which freed us all up to do more.

This is what I'm hoping for. Any notes I would have had were dealt with at the rehearsal/recording session Tuesday. Some amazing takes - wait until you hear Mighty River!