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November 6, 2012: Starting Anew

Artistic Director, David Cherwien, provides notes to the choir on Thursday after our weekly Tuesday rehearsals. The choir turned its focus this week to the Christmas Festival concerts that will be happening at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis MN (Friday, December 7 @ 4:30pm and 8pm and Saturday, December 8 @ 8pm) and at Christ Church Cathedral in Saint Louis MO (Saturday, December 15 @ 2pm and 5pm). 


Ah yes -- starting over feels so good about now, doesn't it? Especially when we've just turned in the music that we performed five times over the course of the last few weeks -- and we recorded a lot of it. But no concert will ever be perfect. If we find one that is, pinch ourselves because we're probably dead and in heaven. Or we're not listening to that "angel on our shoulders." The All Saints performances were lovely concerts. Amazing concerts. I've had several contacts from Sharon Hansen -- who is far more involved internationally than I really knew. She knows what she's talking about. So too does the person who tearfully told me how moved they were, who has no degrees in music. Both are vital voices and we need to hear them!!

Now we move on -- this is the stage where your music should be on your piano. All weekend. Get them notes learned ASAP. As we discovered in rehearsal, we have many pieces in this program that might not challenge us with rhythm or pitches/harmony -- but what will get us is getting slacky in thinking about details such as vowel and color. "Away in a Manger" was a surprising reminder. Always, I should remember -- nothing is simple. The simpler it looks the more we need to concentrate on basic things! There's less to cover up bad basics when it's simple!!

Some reminders about rehearsal etiquette:

  • No talking.
  • Don't hum the pitch.
  • Don't rehearse lines out-loud to yourself. 
  • Don't leave the room (use the restroom during break or prior). 
  • Be on time. 
  • Don't smell (either bad or nice!). 
  • Cover completely when you sneeze or cough. 
  • And for heaven's sake, put your cell-phone away!! 
  •  DO listen always -- even if another section is being addressed. Chances are quite high it's also appropriate for you.