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November 27, 2012: Christmas Festival

Here we are. We're at that point in our process where we have the weekend, then it's eat, sleep and dream the music for this program. I always love this week. It's intense but so worth it.

As I listened to the rehearsal, I heard myself explaining a lot. We stopped a lot. In many cases, after only one note. Do I apologize for these things? No! What's going on is three important steps:

  1. I'm listening carefully, critically. 
  2. We are stopping to adjust. 
  3. I'm insisting on the adjustment actually happening. Most of these "adjustments" are intended to unify our interpretation. As I often say, it's not a matter of right or wrong, it's a matter of all of us being together. When we have the same musical approach, we pick up and own the music as an ensemble and the magic of music making begins. And it's powerful.

What would be a good activity this weekend? Print out the list of notes below (N.B. David makes specific notes to each section that are not published here). Go through each piece - in order. Imagine the music as a single performance, moving from each composition into the next. Stop and remember what "those things" were that we worked on unifying our interpretations. Look at what the notes below say. Certainly, if there are "spots" that are still challenging, by all means, nip those in the bud. For the most part, try to remember what WE did with those ink blots on the page to make them actual music. 

Hang on, we're in for a great ride!

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