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November 23, 2013: Lifting People Out of Their Seats

The NLC makes a digital recording of every rehearsal which is reviewed by Artistic Director David Cherwien and the section leaders. David writes an email to the members of the NLC on Thursdays after the Tuesday rehearsal. Typically, the section leaders add their own notes amplifying David's points. Specific notes about individual compositions are excluded from the Conductor's Diary except in unusual circumstances. Kodaly's GLORIA is the composition David mentions in today's Diary.


Adding to the notes you all received from all four section leaders: 
INDEED! Last week's rehearsal was truly fun. The variety of tone, ranging from light and buoyant, to lush and legato, to full-in-your-face strong -- we get this, that's for sure, and it's GOOD! One thing to be cautious about: don't push for the fortes -- just place solidly and brightly. If your voice is tired, you've got tension. Be careful! But at the same time, don't be afraid and hold back!! The Kodaly is going to lift people out of their seats.

Probably not necessary to say it, but I am going to: "This is a critical point." We're close enough to feel deceivingly ready. We're not there yet. What you do this weekend will really have a huge effect on the end result. Scrutiny, scrutiny, scrutiny!!! Any "settling" for "close" will be the first step down the path to where we don't want to go. You know this, so I'll stop already.

It became clear in rehearsal where we need to put some good energy this coming Tuesday. Your home prep will help a lot before we meet again Tuesday.