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November 22, 2014: Christmas time is "crunch time"

It's a crunch time, no doubt. Every second in rehearsal is precious, and a lot happens in a short time - especially these last three weeks. The best use of any time you might be able to put to this music over the weekend would be to pick some isolated spots that are most difficult. Focus on those. I tell students: you don't have to play the whole piece five times to get measure 23 to go better. From where I stand, perhaps the list could include:  Trying the pronunciation of Barn och stjär, pages 3-7 of Resonet, pages 4 and 5 of A Great Light, Kodaly pages 5-6 for ATB, see Amid the Winter's Snow measures 25-30. You know your challenge spots best - focus on those!

Have a great and productive weekend!