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Devotion: Keep Singing!

Jenny Kelley, a member of the National Lutheran Choir's alto section, shared this devotion with the choir prior to rehearsal on February 9, 2016. Today, as they embark on a Midwest Tour, may they be reminded how their music connects deeply and often takes the listener to another place, or perhaps a fond memory. As a wise teacher once said, "Keep singing!"

I want to read you a letter I received recently from my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Gallup.

Dear Jenny,

   Your mom let me take your CD home so I could listen to your choir.

   I especially loved some of the selections that I sang when in the Jamestown College Choir.

   After listening to it I felt such calmness and peace.

   Our world needs to listen to lovely music like this.  Keep singing!  With love, Ann Gallup

I was so touched, because I did not give poor Mrs. Gallup much peace while I was in her 6th grade class! And yet she trusted me again and again with special projects around art and music, and once entrusted a new student to my care.  She kept giving me another chance to be a good person, a good student, and a good friend to my classmates.

I think that hearing some of our repertoire gave Mrs. Gallup another chance to remember being younger, feeling a part of a group, making beautiful music, and being on her own faith journey.

Oh God of second chances, help me to be the person my 6th grade teacher sees!  Thank you for giving us music to help others to remember that with you, we have another chance to be your people.  Amen.