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Devotion: Growth and Transformation

This week's devotion was given by NLC alto, Emily Skoblik. Although we don't have her full devotion (she likes to wing it), she did share the prayer with us. Thank you, Emily!

Prayer for Growth and Transformation

Father God, our words are too small to contain you, our thoughts too small to comprehend you. In the silence of our hearts we contemplate your beauty, acknowledge your power, admire your wisdom and rejoice in your love. You always have new gifts to impart us, new wonders to reveal to us, new joys to fill our hearts with. 

We come before you with open minds and hearts, ready to be transformed, ready to listen and receive the wonderful gifts you have in store for each one of us. Broaden our vision and widen our horizons. Take us to places we've never been before, places from which we can see the world and all creation in a new light. Open our eyes and purify our hearts, so that we can eventually see you, our everlasting treasure, according to the precious promises of your Son Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. 


-- from Eliza's Prayer Box blog @​