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DEVOTION: Finding the Center

At our rehearsal on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, alto Eldri Wittkamper shared this devotion with the choir:

It is not a good day. We have lost Osmo Vanska and the orchestra prospects look dim. Our government has shut down. I truly thought there would be a last minute save in both cases. We are left feeling powerless and frustrated. What ever happened to compromise? Why can’t they find the center? Take a deep breath. We GET TO SING. We get to sing of God’s mercy and grace. Singing relieves stress. But still, the wheels keep turning inside. The worry wheels, as I like to call them. Picture that little gerbil that Craig Hella Johnson talked about in his exercise wheel. Now he is spinning away in frantic worry. I want to tell him to STOP! Take a deep breath. Follow me now as we go into my husband’s messy workroom. There is a kick wheel in there and a kiln to fire pottery pieces. He takes a blob of clay and smashes it for a while. Then he puts that blob on the wheel, wets his hands and starts to spin the wheel. The trick is to get it centered and consistently round before he can shape anything. Then he can pull up the clay and make a bowl or pot. If it is not centered the clay shape will go kittywampus. YOU MUST GET CENTERED BEFORE YOU CAN CREATE A THING OF BEAUTY. So, take another deep breath. Let go of those things that you cannot control. As in the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things I can and the WISDOM to know the difference. Take a deep breath. When we sing as a choir, we need to get centered so that Nancy can shape our sound into a thing of beauty. Find the center. As Christians, we go spinning off daily and need to come back to the center whether through prayer, worship or singing.

Let us pray:

Draw us in, Lord.

Help us to find that peace which we need so badly.

We pray for those who make decisions. Grant them wisdom.

We pray for those in difficult situations. Comfort them.

We pray for those who are grieving. Surround them with love. 

Bring us to the center. Bring us home.

In your name we pray,