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Devotion: All Shall Be Well

This devotion was given by Diane Fleming, wife of the late Larry Fleming, founder of the National Lutheran Choir, prior to the choir's performance at the Basilica of Saint Mary on December 12, 2015. Diane joins the choir each December, as a member of the Liturgical Party for the Christmas Festival concerts in Minneapolis. This year's program was titled, "The Spotless Rose."

Fear.  It's anxiety producing.......It lives in darkness......It immobilizes......It suffocates........It clenches fists and closes hearts.......  It is void of hope.

To calm our anxieties.......  to light up our free us up.......  to give us relax our hands and open our hearts..... to instill hope....

God sends His son.

From The Diary of an Old Soul by George MacDonald:

               “Thou will’st thy will;  and thence, upon the earth -
                 Slow travelling, his way through centuries winning -
                 A child at length arrives at never ending birth.”

The story continues.  And there is the real Christmas joy.  That this  “innocent child born in the darkness of winter and the dying man hung on the leafless tree are the same person: his baptism and resurrection are folded into one another as the petals of the rose. “  The spotless rose.

Yes, there is dying in the birth of Christ, but there is also birth in his death.....  Oh, and never ending life!

“ Practicing Advent hope in the face of hopelessness is the fundamental work God has given us to do.........  Advent hope is our companion on a journey marked by pain and joy, weariness and optimism, love and loneliness, death and resurrection."

And while the Holy Child’s whole life is a never ending birth, our whole earthly life is a never ending Advent.
for that coming again when the word will be  “See, I am making all things new.”     Revelations 21:5

Words from the One who grants us respite from fear.  Meister Eckhart, the medieval German mystic, wrote: "God is always waiting to be born. May we not spend our Advent life keeping the Holy Child from entering in."

The hopes and fears of all the years ARE met in Thee.

You may have all the rest. Give me Jesus.

Let us pray:  O One who called us into being, when we are filled with fear may your promise and blessing be our mantra:

All shall be well.
and ALL shall be well.

Thanks be to God.