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Conductor's Diary: "Christmas Festival Week"

As the choir goes into "Christmas Festival Week," artistic director, David Cherwien, sends a note to the choir:

You are all to be congratulated. In these past four short weeks we have absorbed an entire program. You have come through for each other in the learning process, and in general, while there is work to do this coming week, we're in great shape. A wonderfully varied program, and sung very musically. 

A great idea would be to print [these rehearsal notes], and please DO a weekend session on your own. This week we make no apologies about the fact that we expect all of us to eat/sleep/drink NLC. (Perhaps apologies only to those with whom we live ... or perhaps, gratitude?) We are only as strong as the least prepared singer, so stay strong.

Some things to keep in mind over this weekend as you prepare: our advertising campaign has been strong; we expect that we will have many there for the first time. Let's keep them!! In addition, MPR's "Taste of the Holidays" CD has THREE tracks of NLC music (out of 11) with a on-air interview next week. While we should always be at our absolute best, (rehearsal or concert for no matter how many or for whom), there is some pressure to really come through this year!!!