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Devotion: Growth and Transformation

This week's devotion was given by NLC alto, Emily Skoblik. Although we don't have her full devotion (she likes to wing it), she did share the prayer with us. Thank you, Emily!

Prayer for Growth and Transformation

Father God, our words are too small to contain you, our thoughts too small to comprehend you. In the silence of our hearts we contemplate your beauty, acknowledge your power, admire your wisdom and rejoice in your love. You always have new gifts to impart us, new wonders to reveal to us, new joys to fill our hearts with. 

Devotion: Fear

This week's devotion was given by William Mills, a member of the tenor section in the National Lutheran Choir. First, let's define FEAR: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Sound familiar?

We are very complicated animals. We have evolved with emotions and desires that have helped us form successful communities all over the world. We have developed technology so far beyond the understanding and scope of a single individual that none of us can even begin to describe the gadgets that we currently have on our bodies. While we currently live in a time of war, violence and disease, it is the most peaceful time in recorded history.

Devotion: Out with Resolutions, In with Resiliency!

On January 12, the choir gathered to rehearse for the first time in 2016. Sarah Koepp, a member of the National Lutheran Choir's alto section, shared this devotion with the choir prior to rehearsal. Resiliency is the new Resolution.
Ahhhh ... New Year’s. I saw many articles this new year about not setting resolutions. Sort of a boycott on resolutions. And I have to say I sort of agree! I’m just never very good at them. I should resolve to unsubscribe to the many junk emails I seem to be on. And I should resolve to be better about helping my kids figure out how to keep track of their school library books….but those things may or may not happen in 2016. Instead of Resolutions, I’ve been intrigued with Resiliency -- a buzz word right now.