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Taking risks

This story was written by NLC soprano, Christina Myers, after an especially moving concert performed by the choir in Prescott, Arizona.

Part of our pre-concert devotion in Prescott, AZ tonight said this: “To have the courage to take a risk and see where it leads." That struck me tonight, all the risks that brought us here, tonight, to this place in time.

Thirteen years ago I was living with a friend who was working a temp job at a local Funeral Home. Her boss was in a choir, and they were having a Gala and looking for volunteers. The call of a free meal brought me to Edina to volunteer at the National Lutheran Choir’s Gala. Auditions were coming up and I liked the people I met there and was desperately searching for a place to sing, so I decided to take a risk and audition, having no idea where it would lead. It’s led me to the most enriching and important part of my adult life, and has given me such wonderful friendships, such incredible, breathtaking musical experiences, and has really given me a family in this group. That risk was one of the best I’ve ever taken.


This story was written by NLC soprano, Kate Tripoli, on February 21, while on tour with the choir in Phoenix, Arizona.

This morning I did one of my least favorite things (got up before 10 a.m. on a Saturday) in order to prepare for one of my very favorite things: an NLC hymn festival. Church choir singers from Scottsdale, Prescott and points beyond will join us on Sunday afternoon at La Casa de Cristo in Scottsdale for a hymn festival titled "God of Grace." It's a great program full of well-loved hymns and anthems, and as we rehearsed with the massed choir, organ and brass, I was renewed in my conviction that this is what NLC does best. This is our sweet spot.

Finding freedom and peace

As the bus carrying members of the NLC climbed the hills north of Phoenix, a newspaper clipping made its way from aisle to aisle, and from singer to singer. We were reading about Kayla Mueller, the humanitarian aid worker who was killed after being kidnapped in Syria. 

Kayla grew up in Prescott, AZ, where we were headed to sing, where her family and community were raw and wounded from their loss.

"Historical Trauma"

This devotion was given by NLC soprano, Sara Langworthy, prior to rehearsal on February 10, 2015. The choir has been preparing music for its Arizona Tour and upcoming concerts in Minnesota, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."

Many of you know that my day job involves working for the University of Minnesota to translate what science tells us about kids and families into usable information for people who work in fields of practice and policy. Recently, I’ve been working on a project creating three short videos on a concept researchers call “historical trauma.”

Our Journey Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the journey of Lent for Christians everywhere. This six-week journey of contemplation, prayer and repentance brings us to the foot of the cross on Good Friday, and the joyous celebration of Easter two days later.

But for the next six weeks, we grapple with difficult themes that force us to face realities that challenge the comfort we’ve been become accustomed to living with throughout the year.

And let me tell you, it’s no coincidence that the National Lutheran Choir begins its tour journey today.