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Recent News

Devotion: You Don't Have to Be Lutheran

The following devotion was shared by Tony Spain, a member of the National Lutheran Choir's tenor section, prior to one of the last rehearsals of the 2013-14 season. Tony describes his personal journey to find God and shares how the NLC is his "church."

This past weekend, I was down at Gustavus for an event and I was talking to someone who is planning to audition for NLC. He told me, “I was raised Lutheran, but I currently find myself in an unknown place when it comes to religion.” I told him that being Lutheran is not a requirement to sing in the choir. We have our tall handsome Catholics, and bright haired Presbyterians, and people who feel closer to God in a drum circle than in a pew. Then strangely, in a small bar in St. Peter, Minnesota, I found these words coming out of my mouth – describing my own faith journey and the integral part the National Lutheran Choir has played in that.

Announcing Our 2014-15 Season

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our upcoming season, our 29th, which includes a four-concert subscription series, a new Assistant Conductor, a Choral TuneUp with Anton Armstrong, a new recording, a live broadcast on Classical Minnesota Public Radio and the launch of a month-long, state-wide Choral Festival.