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Recent News

January 28, 2014: Preparing for the City-Wide Hymn Festival

Each week, the choir members receive notes on Thursday from the previous Tuesday rehearsal. The notes include very specific spots in each composition (e.g. measure 14 and the third beat of the alto part, make sure to put the "T" at the beginning of beat 4). We share the general notes that are the prelude to a much longer memorandum. The rehearsal notes come from David Cherwien, artistic director of the National Lutheran Choir, and then are passed on to the section leaders (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) who add their own marginalia.

Devotion: Everyday Epiphanies

This choir devotion was shared by NLC soprano Sarah Bane at rehearsal on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. 

(Light candle to remind us that the Holy Spirit is always present, always revealing.)

January 14, 2014: Using YouTube

How should a choir director use YouTube with her/his choir? Each Thursday, artistic director David Cherwien shares rehearsal notes with members of the NLC from the previous Tuesday's rehearsal. This week's note is about Berlin's Vocalconsort's recording of a Bach motet.


January 9, 2014: Learning new repertoire

We're off and running with a new program. Everything needs to be new for these performances -- even the recycled literature we're including for our stage concert in Dixon, Illinois. But the thought of learning all of it in one big picture can be daunting. Start with one thing and work your way through, learning these pieces one at a time. I'd suggest starting with the Bach.

Devotion: Pay Attention

On Saturday, December 14, before our final Christmas Festival performance at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis, Diane Fleming shared this devotion with the choir. Diane is the widow of Larry Fleming, founder of the National Lutheran Choir. She joins the choir every December to partake in the Christmas Festival as a member of the liturgical party.