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Recent News

November 23, 2013: Lifting People Out of Their Seats

The NLC makes a digital recording of every rehearsal which is reviewed by Artistic Director David Cherwien and the section leaders. David writes an email to the members of the NLC on Thursdays after the Tuesday rehearsal. Typically, the section leaders add their own notes amplifying David's points.

November 22, 2014: Christmas time is "crunch time"

It's a crunch time, no doubt. Every second in rehearsal is precious, and a lot happens in a short time - especially these last three weeks. The best use of any time you might be able to put to this music over the weekend would be to pick some isolated spots that are most difficult. Focus on those.

Thank You!

A big shout out of THANKS to our wonderful supporters who gave more than $22,500 on Give to the Max Day to support the work of the National Lutheran Choir.  Our singers would like to share this special thanks to ALL OF YOU who support us in many different ways.

Devotion: All Saints

Joseph Crippen, a tenor with the NLC, and also a pastor at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, shared this devotion before our All Saints concert on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

All Saints at Mount Olive is a holy day like no other.  We have, of course, other high holy days – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, others – but there is something beautiful and holy about All Saints at Mount Olive that is its own joy and peace.  This morning, as I looked out into the congregation I saw the smiling face of David Cherwien, and it was good; it’s felt like a long time he’s been on sabbatical.  He has respected that sabbatical and he’s respected Bill, who’s filling in while he’s gone, and stayed away.  But when I spoke to him after the liturgy, what he said was, “There was nowhere else I could think of where I’d rather be than here today.”  I completely understand.