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Devotion: A Shared Experience

The following words were spoken prior to the June 24 rehearsal by Sarah Bane, a member of the soprano section.  

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One of the things I like most about our upcoming tour program is that it’s a straightforward Mass.  Wanting to know more about the history of the Mass, and its function within the Lutheran heritage, I did a little research – merely scratching the surface of what there is to know about “Mass.”

Devotion: Summer Camp

Before each National Lutheran Choir concert, a member or guest of the choir delivers a devotion. The following words were spoken prior to the June 26 rehearsal by Kaye Mills, a member of the alto section.  


The last time I gave a devotion it was probably when I was a camp counselor in college. My favorite devotion was to take the plastic holder of a 6 pack, cut it up to make one long strand of plastic and hang it from a metal hanger. It would be lit on fire over a bowl of water and we would watch the plastic light on fire, melt and drop into the bowl of water. There was conversation about the light with in us and how our light can hit others and ignite their light, but mostly it was just cool to watch and it had elements of a meditative experience.