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NLC Self Portraits: Tom von Fischer, Singer Alum

The decision to retire after almost 40 years of ordained ministry was quite easy. The concomitant decision to leave NLC wasn't. My good spouse, Becky, with whom I had served as co-pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in south Minneapolis for 13 years, encouraged me to continue with NLC. "When I go visit the grandchildren, I'll be happy to send you pictures." Sweet! She knew it was time for both of us to enter the brave new world of retirement. Choking back tears, I sang my last concert at the Basilica in 2007.

Devotion: Jesus Christ Yesterday, Today and Forever

Here are the reflections spoken by Susan Palo Cherwien during the National Lutheran Choir's hymn festival on Friday and Sunday, May 3 and 5. Some variant of these reflections will also be part of the hymn festivals performed at Lutheran Summer Music (on Saturday, June 29 @ 7:30pm) and Association of Lutheran Church Musicians (on Monday, July 1 @ 7pm).

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Ann Lamott, a liberal born-again Christian, has an incredible knack for capturing the feeling you get when music connects you with the people around you. Listen to this memorable story. A National Lutheran Choir hymn festival is a little like this - you come to hear a "concert" and then, suddenly and unexpectedly, you're singing out loud in front of strangers. You might know the melody but sometimes you are completely lost and, to yourself, you sound like someone in pain, moaning an approximation of a song. And then you hear it. You hear yourself as part of the audience.