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September 25, 2012: Getting it

Three weeks before a performance is a balancing point in the preparation for a concert. The future is no longer in the distance but one might still think that there's still time before the choir "gets it." What approach might conductors take at this point in rehearsals? At the National Lutheran Choir, Artistic Director David Cherwien shares notes on Thursday from the previous Tuesday rehearsal. With the 2012 Illinois-Wisconsin tour fast approaching, here are the opening, general paragraphs to his detailed notes.


September 18, 2012: waves, not drops of water

Artistic Director David Cherwien writes notes to the choir on Thursdays following Tuesday rehearsals. This week, the choir has been preparing for two hymn festivals in Chicago and Madison and three collaborative concerts with the Milwaukee Choral Artists. Some of the repertoire is shared between programs but the choir must spend time outside of rehearsal learning notes, words, breathing, vowels, attacks, phrasing. These notes are meant to remind and reinforce what was discussed in rehearsal. 


Devotion: Tim Schmidt - September 18, 2012

Recently as part of a leadership conference Richard Davis, CEO of U.S. Bank, spoke to us about the importance of storytelling. In an industry that is driven by numbers like banking you may think where does story telling fit in. Richard says it could not be more important now than anytime other in our careers to be able to tell our story.  It is what will help rebuild confidence and faith in the banking profession, a profession that at its core is trust and belief.

September 11, 2012: quick & obvious progress

David Cherwien shares his notes with the members of the NLC on Thursday after Tuesday rehearsals. These notes followed the rehearsal on September 11, 2012. Rehearsals are in preparation for three concerts with the Milwaukee Choral Artists and two Hymn Festivals in Chicago and Madison.

Concerts with Milwaukee Choral Artists

The Christian Preamble

The Christian Preamble

In Thanksgiving to God for the gift of life in baptism and for the many blessings which have sustained us; and

In Thanksgiving to God for the gifts of faith and hope through Jesus Christ; and

In Thanksgiving to God for the gifts of nurture and love through the Church where we have shared faith and fellowship,

We now respond…